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Current Investments 

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Thinaer is the first-ever IoT platform to aggregate, contextualize and visualize a new class of data. Simply defined, IoT is The Internet of People, Places, and Things SM . By 2020 there will be over 31 billion connected IoT devices around the globe. Most of those devices will be generating data from the field, during transportation, in factories, warehouses and retail locations. Imagine a world where all that data coming from all those devices could be aggregated, analyzed, tracked back to the source and used
to power cause analysis and help make better business decisions. This is what Thinaer does.


Using the latest Bluetooth technology, Thinaer makes it easy and affordable to make people more efficient, monitor key places and track high value things. Built on patented algorithms and a robust context engine, Thinaer is the only end-to-end solution to offer visual applications, power
API integrations and deliver immediate ROI. Vertical markets include home healthcare, acute care, manufacturing, and block chain deployments.


Developmental feedback, revolutionized.  DevelapMe was created with the belief that incremental, continuous feedback can lead to improved employee and organizational performance. The DevelapMe proprietary app assists employees in maximizing their potential through real-time, competency-based feedback, while simultaneously enabling employers with the ability to drive organizational performance.


DevelapMe utilizes this power of better communications between managers, direct reports, and if desired, clients and vendors to achieve measurable and quantifiable business results. From healthcare to education to industry, DevelapMe helps clients accomplish the most pressing business objectives—such as improving client retention, boosting sales and staff productivity, or increasing patient satisfaction. Transparency drives truth. Truth drives clarity. Clarity drives results.


DKI is the largest branded disaster restoration contracting organization in North America.  DKI’s current franchise membership base includes 179 active franchise members in 278 locations across 48 states with system-wide revenues in excess of $2.5 billion. The restoration services that DKI and its members provide to commercial clients include emergency response, water damage mitigation, fire and contents cleaning, mold remediation, and complete reconstruction.  DKI’s headquarters, which houses the operations and data center, is located just outside of Chicago in Elk Grove Village, IL.


Founded in 1974, DKI is one of the oldest and largest property restoration organizations.

DKI has focused on providing opportunities for contractors and clients. DKI has established a reputation in the marketplace for high-quality property restoration services. DKI is expanding its offerings to its dedicated franchises including: education and training programs, co-operative buying opportunities, corporate branding, and national client claim response.


Investment with Strait Lane Capital Partners  (

Headquartered in Irving, Texas, File & ServeXpress is a legal technology service provider that offers innovative solutions to legal professionals. Our sophisticated products enable law firms and courts to be more efficient and effective at the practice and administration of the law.

File & ServeXpress is an industry leader and pioneer in the legal technology services industry. With more than 30 years of legal technology services experience, File & ServeXpress uses modern cloud technology to connect legal professionals, court personnel, legal administrators and all other stakeholders together seamlessly. Everything we offer and do is established both by the law and by attorneys’ need to practice law more efficiently and effectively.

File & ServeXpress has an established, comprehensive record of success in offering technology solutions for legal professionals in all types and sizes of law firms, courts, cases and practice areas. The Company offers its technology nationwide, and currently has more than 190,000 registered users and 130,000 law firm customers—including all of the top 100 law firms in the country—in more than 30 states and the District of Columbia.

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