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About Us

What makes Mary Knoll Capital Partners different is highly personalized attention from senior level, creative dealmakers.  We present options for shareholders, not just standard approaches.  Our extensive network of senior lending, mezzanine, private equity, and strategic investors are eager to invest in Mary Knoll clients based on our twenty-year track record of success. We are also willing to make direct investments and participate in capital structures.


Mary Knoll works simple in a complex transactional world.  Whether representing a client for one-time sale or investing for long-term growth, our returns are based entirely on success.  That means no retainers and no investment management fees. Our returns are entirely timed to value realization for shareholders.  


We are best matched with business and technology enabled services firms in the $5-50 million range.  We look for firms with recurring or highly predictable revenues as a component of the business model.  

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